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Mom: Expresive Pixie Cali

Sire: Expresive Pixie Butch

3 Kittens Born September, 2011.
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Juvenile and Adult Pixiebob Cats
We're down-sizing here at the ExpresivePixie Cattery! This is a great opportunity to bring a purebred Pixiebob from a reputable and award-winning cattery into your life. Some of the cats listed are retired breeders, some are younger cats that we've decided not to include in our breed program, some are former show cats, some have come back to the cattery after years of ruling their own home, and some just haven't found the perfect home for their personality or needs. All have been loved, socialized and are looking for the perfect home; our goal is and has always been to match the right cat with the right people. Feel free to call 360.653.2580 to discuss the cats or email Shar to learn more about the cat of your dreams. All cats have been spayed or neutered and are current on vaccines. A small re-homing fee and interview is required to adopt these kitties. Most of these cats are not available to be shipped outside of the Pacific Northwest. At Expresive Pixie we always welcome back cats that came from our cattery for any reason, at any age.
Thumper, gorgeous adult Pixiebob wanting a great home

ExpresivePixie Thumper

Age: 4

Mom: ExpresivePixie Dolly

Dad: LegendTales Moose

Big, fluffy love bug! We affectionately call her "the Footstool," and as a retired breeder she would like a home of her own without all these darned kittens around! Gets along with adult cats fine.

LT, adult Pixiebob for adoption

ExpresivePixie LT

Age: 5.5 years

Mom: ExpresivePixie Miss Fancy

Dad: ExpresivePixie Waylon


LT is a very shy girl with extra toes and a long tail. She loves to be with older cats. Would love to go with Fancy.

Carley, adult Pixiebob for adoption

ExpresivePixie Carley

Age: Born 12/6/2000 (10 years)

Mom: ExpresivePixie Bunny Hop

Dad: Ponderosa Blackjack

Loves to be a lap cat and to be the first and usually the only cat on the bed. Loves people - not too sure about other cats though. She would really like a home where she can be the Queen of All.

Reba, Pixiebob female for adoption

ExpresivePixie Reba

Age: 4

Mom: ExpresivePixie Mitzy

Dad: ExpresivePixie Sweet William

Gorgeous, very shy girl. Would love to go with LT or live with another sweet cat. Reba needs a calm, quiet home.

Little Miss Trouble, female Pixiebob retired breeder ready for adoption

PrairiePixie Little Miss Trouble

Age: 4

Mom: ExpresivePixie Maple

Retired Breeder/show cat. Very shy at first, but warms up once she gets to know you and especially loves men. Likes to talk and play. Would do best in a quieter household.