PERSONALITY ("dogs in disguise")
  • Intelligent beyond belief
  • Busy and curious, but NEVER hyperactive
  • Exhibit an unusually strong bond with their family
  • Excellent companions for children!
  • Love to travel in the car
  • Will train easily to walk on a harness
  • Will train to fetch (many do this without training!)
  • Clean, with domestic litter box habits
  • Perfect house or apartment pets, being non-destructive to home and furniture
  • Extremely quiet with only an occasional chirp or chitter
  • Get along well with other animals
PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES (the cat with the bobcat look and feel)
  • Facial appearance is especially reminiscent of the bobcat
  • woolly short "stand-out" coat, (feels wild to the touch) or a slightly longer medium length silky seasonal coat
  • Color variations: lighter shades of brown spotted tabby with ruffas coloration (a wild redness)
    literally being described as either a light fawn to tan in color, or a golden, rust red or brown color
  • Patterns: random spotting, broken bars and rosettes, muted with heavy ticking
  • Short tails ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches on average with some longer (including full tails) and shorter tails born occasionally
  • Muscular rangy body, heavy bone structure and very loose skin, with a primordial pouch
  • Approximately 50% of the kittens are polydactyly (having extra toes), however all feet are large, having fleshy toes
  • Medium to large in size, males are 12 to 22 pounds, females 8 to 12, being approximately 1/3 smaller
  • Pets average From $500.00 to S1500.00 depending upon size, color and appearance
  • Breeders average from $2500.00 to $5000.00, depending upon how closely they fit the standard and whether they can be shown in the ring, being SBT's
  • Acceptable in any city, state, province and country, verified in bloodtests to be fully domestic, being registered in Category I (established domestic breeds)
  • 20+ years in development, being first registered with T.I.C.A. in 1994 by Carol Ann Brewer in Washington State
  • Diet: An excellent quality dry food without preservatives, (canned food for kittens) and a daily serving of fresh raw poultry meat
  • Preferred Vitamins (in the opinion of Expressive Pixie Cattery): Healthy Powder Mix from Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. Can be mixed into meat mixture or canned food or sprinkled on dry food.
  • Plenty of fresh water served in a metal or ceramic bowl (not plastic)
  • Worming (in the opinion of Expressive Pixie Cattery): Have your vet check stool with first appointment - worming already done - should not need to be repeated.
  • Vaccines (in the opinion of Expressive Pixie Cattery): Modified live 3 in 1 (Rhino,Calici and Distemper) once at 3 months and again just after 4 months - yearly boosters not needed for indoor animals. NEVER give Feline Leukemia vaccine or FIP vaccine!!!
  • Keep the litter box very clean or they will find someplace else that is
  • Scratching Implements (in the opinion of Expressive Pixie Cattery): Keep a piece of interesting shaped wood in a corner for scratching to absolutely prevent any damage to the home. Carpeted scratching or sisal rope post preferred by some Pixie-Bobs.
  • Remember that the Pixie-Bob is a unique and eccentric companion that will entertain and love the humans it owns..."until death due us part". It is impossible to explain the depth of affection possible between a Pixie-Bob and its owner. You have to find out for yourself.