• Do they look like bobcats?
    Yes, but in varying degrees, Through careful selective breeding the physical characteristics of the bobcat are brought to the surface.

  • How large are they?
    Male cats range in weight from 12 to 22 pounds. The females usually top out at 12 pounds. The males are typically more heavily muscled than the females. Keep in mind that they continue to grow and fill out the first three years of their life.

  • Where did the name "Pixiebob" come from?
    The first female kitten produced from the original breeding was named Pixie.

  • Is the Pixie-Bob accepted by a major registering association?
    Yes, in October 1994 they began to be registered by TICA (The International Cat Association) as an experimental breed and in September 1995 they were accepted for NBC (New Breed and Color) which will allow them to compete in the show ring as of May 1996.

  • What is the lifespan of a Pixie-Bob?
    Under optimum condition they live just as long as any other breed of cat.

  • How much does one cost?
    Pets range in price from $500 to $1,500 with an occasional kitten or full-grown cat priced lower. Breeders start at $1,500 and rise in price dependent upon how closely they resemble the TICA Standard.

  • What is the difference between a pet quality, a breeder quality and a show cat?
    Pet or breeder quality is determined by how closely the kitten fits the Pixie-Bob standard, in type, coat quality, color and pattern, and most of all head and facial characteristics. In order to be a show quality kitten, it must not only fit the standard, but must also be an SBT.

  • What is their personality like?
    We believe the Pixie-Bob's temperament closely resembles the canine species. Being quite dog-like in devotion, intelligence and trainability. They are a unique cat, bonding strongly to a single individual and/or family.

  • Are they wild like a bobcat?
    On the contrary, they are very loving and affectionate. However, they are often full of "wild" exuberance. Owning a Pixie-Bob will never be dull. It is a joyful adventure!

  • How are they with children?
    The Pixie-Bob is more gentle and patient with children that anyone else! (To paraphrase, no they will not eat your kids!)

  • Are they noisy?
    No, this is not to say that they do not talk to you. Most Pixie-Bobs have a series of chirps an chortles in their communication as well as an occasional meow. The other sounds are used in play and expressing affection.

  • Can I let my Pixie-Bob run outside?
    It is not wise to let them outside where it is often helpless to protect itself from cars, dogs, coyotes, and birds of prey, disease, cat fights, theft and just plain getting lost. However, Pixie-Bobs are easily trained to walk on a harness and leash. They love to ride in the car too!

  • Will a Pixie-Bob get along with my other pets?
    It will take a short adjustment period, but once the other pets understand the Pixie- Bob is happy to be their friend there should be no more problems. They are benevolent rulers.

  • Why do some of them have extra toes?
    There is a polydactyl gene that runs like a fine thread all throughout the breed beginning with the originalbreeding. This is an allowable trait in NBC class for the Pixie-Bob, however, no extra points are given for it.

  • What should I feed my Pixie-Bob?
    They may eat an excellent quality dry food or canned food. Some owners prefer to make their own food. Recipes may be found in most healthy cat books. Some breeders use fresh meat. Being consistent in their diet is the most important aspect of a cat health.

  • How can I know that I am getting the quality of kitten I want?
    Look for the "TICA Outstanding Cattery" designation. The TICA Outstanding Cattery is the highest designation offered by this association. It requires an annual onsite inspection by a Veterinarian and acceptance and adherance to TICA's Code of Ethics. We advise you to never purchase a kitten without a written contract and to request several color photos before you buy, if you are unable to pick out a kitten in person. These simple rules can save you a lot of heartache.

  • What else should I know?
    The Pixie-Bob is eccentric to say the least. Their unusual behaviors include burying their uneaten food, stealing and collecting small items (the shinier the better), a love of playing in the water (don't be surprised if your kitten wants to join you in the bathtub) and some have even been known to duel with a vacuum cleaner!